Ask WYE – Issue 63 – Fentanyl Confidence and Quantum Leap

This week we bring back the long lost ASK WYE segment after an email from Kevin. (Thanks for the email, sir!)

He was surprised Justin is so confident there have been no fentanyl exposures leading to the need to actually resuscitate an LEO. We begin by clearing up that Justin, the 26-year Fire and EMS veteran, recommends giving Narcan to the unconscious person you may come across, but the goal is not consciousness, it is proper respirations.

Then, as we are wont to do, we go down a tangent of why Hollywood reboots all kinds of garbage shows but has yet to REBOOT QUANTUM LEAP. *Glares south toward Hollywood.

If you have a question for our experts, make sure to use the this Speakpipe link or the right of the homepage and leave your questions!

Just a reminder, this week and next week will wrap up Season 3 of the show! We can’t believe it either!

We are taking our customary time off for family over the holidays, but we’ll be back with Season 4 on January 12th.

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