After the Fall with Bradley, Eric and David

In this week’s episode of the EMS Handoff, Bradley, Eric and David come back together behind the EMS Handoff microphones after a much-needed week of rest to discuss those common “life assist” calls. Ambulance services and fire departments have regular calls to help citizens  when they fall and are uninjured. Risk mitigation is not only something that should be done when looking at a community, it should be done when helping our patients. Are there aspects that we can advise on that would help those individuals in the future? 

– Risk Mitigation

– Does five minutes now help later?

Potential Recommendations:

– If you have a walker or a cane that you are supposed to use, then use it.            

– Don’t get out of bed or up from a chair suddenly. Sit upright, pause, then push up from the bed or chair, while also standing up with the muscles in your legs. 

– Move cords for lights, TVs and other appliances out of walking paths.

– Know where your pets are before you move.

– Use railings when going up or down steps.

– Wear shoes instead of slippers or socks for better traction.

– Don’t use slippery area or throw rugs in the kitchen, hallways or bathrooms.

– Install handholds in the tub and near the toilet.

– Don’t walk and attempt to use or read your smartphone or tablet at the same time. Especially, if you are walking up or downstairs.


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