Advice to young first responders from their future selves

Over the past (wiggle hands and fingers wildly) years we’ve tried to share as much knowledge as we can about living in the three disciplines of Police, EMS and Fire. We do this by inviting on guests that have inspired us, authors who distract (and inspire) us, heck we even invite people we disagree with to learn more for ourselves.

But imagine, if you can, a young Justin, polishing his boots for his first Volunteer shift in rural New Mexico, or a young Jason, ironing his uniform for his first day on patrol and our older selves had a chance to impart some wisdom.

If you could go back, with everything you now know…what advice would you give younger you?

  • A dose of encouragement?
  • A warning?
  • A nugget of wisdom learned the hard way?
  • Push them down a flight of stairs?

This week the guys talk about what they wish they could tell themselves way back in the day (Which was a Thursday by the way.)

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