524: Informing physical, mental and emotional safety

In this episode, Lexipol Editorial Director, Greg Friese, MS, NRP, joins cohosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson to kick off the eighth year of tackling the hot topics in the Inside EMS podcast.

Friese offers some insight into what EMS1 will be focusing on in the year ahead, from physical, mental and emotional safety and wellness, to continuing to provide timely, accurate, relevant and actionable information relevant to topics like COVID-19, clinical recommendations and legal issues.

The conversation also includes a discussion on the alarming frequency of ambulance and apparatus crashes resulting in injury or death, and what is needed to keep patients and providers safe. From engineering controls, to fatigue and workload management and continuing education, Friese identifies two main buckets from which to improve ambulance safety:

  1. Provider mindset: making a commitment to staying seated and belted when in motion
  2. Safety monitoring: implementing a monitoring and reporting system to measure compliance

Finally, the group discusses provider burnout, and how the EMS Trend Survey seeks to identify pressure points that are challenging providers, and the actions leaders can take to recruit and retain talent. As Grayson puts it, this is your chance to lend your voice, and your hand to “steer the ship.”

Coming soon: The EMS Trend Survey, which informs the EMS Trend Report, will be released this month. Check back at www.ems1.com/ems-trend-report/ to help guide future coverage and provide insight into the status of EMS and workforce needs

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