512: Giving the gift of life

In this edition of EMS One-Stop, Rob Lawrence chats with Christine Fiechter, executive director of the 501c3 Charity EMS Gives Life, and live liver doner Will Lindbergh, whose selfless act spurned the creation of the charity.

Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Pro EMS CEO Bill Mergendahl was inspired to launch EMS Gives Life after seeing the personal example set by one of his paramedics, Will Lindberg, who made the life-giving decision to become an anonymous liver donor.

Will was inspired to learn more about liver donation after responding to an emergency call from a patient with liver failure. In February, 2020, Will underwent a laparoscopic procedure to remove a portion of his liver, which helped save the life of 3-year-old Ian Charles, who was suffering from a rare type of liver cancer that can affect babies and young children.

Listen in to learn more about Will’s story, and why EMS Gives Life encourages first responders to give a small piece of themselves to give someone else a new chance at life – and help address the chronic unmet need for life-giving organ donations.

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