25: Episode 25 – Hole in One w/Cynthia Griffin (AMTC18)

Kicking off our AMTC18 series, we are joined at our Podcast Row booth by the beloved Dr. Cynthia Griffin. Cynthia is an Emergency and Flight Physician for University of Wisconsin, and a member of the FOAMfrat team. After many pleasantries, we begin our discussion with the challenges surrounding flight medicine, the rarity of available positions, and team dynamics when a doctor is present on the transport team. We quickly transition to finger thoracostomy; a clinical topic and passion project for Cynthia. She highlights the common, yet ineffective nature of needle techniques in the presence of tension physiology, and the benefits finger utilization can provide. We complete that discussion with Cynthia’s AMTC presentation topic: front-of-neck access. We discuss logistics, complications, and the horrors surrounding the pediatric patient with an obstructive airway. Tune in for an educational and fun-filled conversation full of sweater vests and patient zero.


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