101 Ways to Ace Your Promotional Exam with Dep Chief Steve Prziborowski

Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski joins us this week to talk about promotional exams and initial hiring exams. A regular speaker at FDIC, where Justin sees him often, Chief P (because typing that name over and over again is going to put me in therapy…sorry Chief) is available to speak directly to your group about the upcoming promotional exam​.

We cover some of the most common mistakes and urban legends of promotional exams as well as some of the things folks do well. It can be intimidating to walk into a room with so much gold but Chief P can give you the upper hand to be confident in your preparation.​

This week we discuss:​

  • Tips for preparing for the oral interview
  • Discussion of Chief P’s YouTube series on his 101 Tips
  • Common misconceptions about the folks sitting across the table
  • How an M&M tie may not be the best attire for the interview

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